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Sustainable, comfort-inspired shoes beautifully designed for modern life.


All Day Comfort for Stronger, Happier Feet
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Sophomore's design encourages proper function and health of the feet and lower body. I'm excited to start recommending them to my clients! - Chris Gumbs Licensed PT, DPT, ICDN Austin, TX
Treat your feet with comfort.

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Most shoes – including athletic sneakers – are bad for your feet, and in turn, your body. They squeeze your toes together, artificially lift your heels, throw off your posture, and weaken your feet through over-cushioning. In response, the barefoot shoe movement emerged. But the pendulum swung too far, with cringeworthy design and forms too extreme for most feet living on hard urban surfaces. 

Enter Sophomore. Inspired by the shape and function of the natural foot, adapted for real life on pavement, and designed to be as beautiful and sustainable as they are healthy and comfortable. In short, the perfect shoe for everyday life.