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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sophomores?

Who created Sophomore?

Why should I wear Sophomores?

What comes in an order?

What colors do you offer?

What sizes do you offer?

What is unique about the shoes?

Are they vegan?

How do they fit?

Are they barefoot shoes?

How wide is the toe box?

What is the stack height?

Will they fit my wide feet?

Will they work for flat feet?

Why are Sophomores a better choice than other comfy shoes?

What are barefoot shoes?

How are Sophomores different from other barefoot shoes?

Are they made for running and/or the gym?

Are they waterproof?

What is the care and cleaning of the shoes?

How durable are they?

Where does it ship?

How much is shipping?

What is your refund policy?

What is your return / exchange policy?